Antonio Javier Calleja Rodriguez

  • PhD in Industrial Engineering (Doctor Ingeniero Industrial)
  • Professor (Catedrático de universidad)
  • Gijón Polytechnic of Engineering (EPI Gijón)
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My office in the  Gijón Polytechnic Campus of Engineering:
Viesques University Campus
Electronic engineering headquarters, building 3 - floor 2
33204 Gijón
(Asturias - Spain)

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University of Oviedo

Brief CV

Born in León (Spain) in 1964. Industrial Engineering (1995) and PhD in Industrial Engineering (2000) both from the University of Oviedo.
Since 1989, in the Gijón Polytechnic Campus of Engineering of the  University of Oviedo always in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computers and Systems, where he is currently  Full Professor and member of the research Group CE3I2.
His areas of work in the field of Industrial Engineering  are:
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Power Electronics
  • Energy Conversion
  • Renewable Energy
  • Lighting Engineering
  • Electronic Instrumentation
He co-authored over 100 articles in journals and international conference proceedings, over 20 research projects and 15 contracts of technology transfer company. He is also co-author of 3 spanish patents and has participated in the development of 10 industrial products currently marketed.
Since 1995 the member No. xx of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Asturias and Leon and also member (M'94-No. xxxx) of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and since 2012 Senior member (SM'12) of this institution.


Spain by night
Panoramic View of Gijón (Spain)
Beach of Gijón (Spain)
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